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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 2, Issue 2, Part J (2016)

Assessment of knowledge and practices of mothers towards the most prevelant unintentional injuries among children of 4-6 years of age in Udaipur city, Rajasthan

Preeti Verma
The aim of this study was to assess the knowledge and safety practices of mothers regarding the most prevalent unintentional injuries among children i.e. road traffic injuries and falls among children. A descriptive research design was used and 180 mothers having children aged 4 to 6 years were selected by using Stratified purposive sampling technique. The data was collected using self designed questionnaire on twenty-three causative factors and thirty-two safety practices of these two injuries from three nongovernmental schools selected in Udaipur city (Rajasthan). The findings of the study revealed that despite the verity that Road traffic accident is the most common cause of injury in pediatric trauma surprisingly, the overall mean knowledge score of the mothers about this injury was just above the poor knowledge score (60) i.e. 64.27. In short, it was figured out that out of the five causes of Road injuries the mean knowledge score of mothers was poor for three causes which were Bicycling (60), Related to car (58) and During walking or crossing the road (56.5) and average knowledge for two causes i.e. Two wheeler riding and School bus/Van/Auto. For Falls, Slips & Trips injury the overall mean knowledge score of the mothers was 64.25 of maximum 180 score. Findings revealed that the major chunk of the respondents were having poor knowledge about the causes of Falls, Slips & Trips due to Window/balconies/Places with height, Small wheeled equipments and Play ground as the mean knowledge scores for these were 18.5, 26 and 47.5 of maximum 180 score respectively. Mean scores revealed that mothers possessed average knowledge about Stairs & Furniture/Huge equipments. Resultantly, the consequences of these results can be devastating.
Simultaneously, the overall safety practices score analysis of mothers for Road traffic injuries conclude that in all the safety practices the score range in medium adoption category (Mean Score = 94 to 118.6) apart from one practice i.e. safety equipment for which the score was low. This confirms that mothers are taking few preventive measures but, since road injuries are life threatening, all the mothers need to identify and follow specific prevention strategies to reduce the debilitating road injuries. Considering the overall safety practices scores in the Falls, Slips and Trips prevention, it can be concluded that significant proportion of mothers will be unable to prevent the injuries caused due to Furniture/Huge equipment, Windows/Balcony, At floor and In the playground because in maximum practices the scores ranged in low and medium adoption category (29.5 to 98).
So, drawing attention towards prevention from these distressing injuries is vital.
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Preeti Verma. Assessment of knowledge and practices of mothers towards the most prevelant unintentional injuries among children of 4-6 years of age in Udaipur city, Rajasthan. International Journal of Applied Research. 2016; 2(2): 645-652.
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