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International Journal of Applied Research
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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 2, Issue 3, Part C (2016)
S. No. Title and Authors Name Subject Country
Feminism in Shashi Deshpande’s Roots and Shadows: A Critical Study
Dr. Manoranjan Behura
Pages: 121-123  |  415 Views  22 Downloads
Subject: English  |  Country: India
Customer orientation in shopping malls of South Chennai - An exploratory study
L Jenifer
Pages: 124-128  |  461 Views  17 Downloads
Subject: Management  |  Country: India
An analytical study on arm girth of high and low performance of elite throwers
Virendra Singh, Yogendra Sharma, Pankaj Singh, Anita Pharswan, Brij. Bhushan Singh
Pages: 129-130  |  478 Views  14 Downloads
Subject: Physical Education  |  Country: India
Physical EducationIndia
Tangles of love: A Predominating Impression in Ian McEwan's Enduring Love
Fredrick Ruban A
Pages: 131-133  |  432 Views  25 Downloads
Subject: Philosophy  |  Country: India
Bifidobacteria longum- Probiotic therapy for the treatment of hyperphosphatemia in end stage renal disease patients
Dr. Seema Mishra
Pages: 134-139  |  472 Views  14 Downloads
Subject: Biochemistry  |  Country: India
Jh cYyHkkpk;Z ds n”kZu esa iqf’VekxhZ; vo/kkj.kk
MkW- eksfgr fd”kksj HkVukxj
Pages: 140-142  |  11 Views  11 Downloads
Subject: Hindi  |  Country: India
Effect of ginger tea versus mint tea in reducing dysmenorrhoea among adolescent girls
Anupa Achuthan, Resmi CR
Pages: 143-145  |  343 Views  13 Downloads
Subject: Nursing  |  Country: India
Parent-child relationship in families with visually impaired schooling child
VB Kiran kumar, E Rajesh, Dr. Brijesh Sathia
Pages: 146-149  |  530 Views  13 Downloads
Subject: Speech & Hearing  |  Country: India
Speech & HearingIndia
Assessment of personal hygiene & cleanliness practices of child ragpickers
Dr. Sarika Manhas, Dr. Manoti Barki
Pages: 150-156  |  771 Views  39 Downloads
Subject: Home Science  |  Country: India
Home ScienceIndia
A study on clinical presentation, bacterial profile and its antibiotic sensitivity pattern in urinary tract infections among diabetic patients attending tertiary care hospital, Tamilnadu
Senthamarai S, Sivasankari S, Anitha C, Vasumathi A, Venugopal V, Thenmozhivalli PR, Amsavathani SK
Pages: 157-159  |  519 Views  14 Downloads
Subject: Medical  |  Country: India
Impact of weight circuit training on leg strength among handball women players
Dr. Manikandan S
Pages: 160-161  |  471 Views  15 Downloads
Subject: Physical Education  |  Country: India
Physical EducationIndia
Role of dynamic compilation in java
Sudheendra H and Dr. Ankit Pandey
Pages: 162-165  |  208 Views  5 Downloads
Subject: Computer Science  |  Country: India
Computer ScienceIndia
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