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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 2, Issue 6, Part P (2016)
S. No. Title and Authors Name Subject Country
A comparative study of parent & child relationship of male & female secondary school students in private & government schools
Dr. Sarita, Sonia and Pooja
Pages: 1000-1002  |  553 Views  28 Downloads
Subject: Education  |  Country: India
Study of seed bacterization capacity of plant growth promoting endophytes from groundnut plant in in vitro and natural conditions
Makadia MO, Singh AK
Pages: 1003-1005  |  511 Views  23 Downloads
Subject:   |  Country: India
A comparative study on fungal (Aspergillus niger) amylase and elephant foot yam (Amorphophallus campanulatus) amylase with yam starch as substrate
Abhijith M Singh, BV Latha, M Chethankumar and BY Sathish Kumar
Pages: 1006-1010  |  726 Views  16 Downloads
Subject: Biology  |  Country: India
Morphometric analysis of acetabulum and its clinical correlation in south Indian population
K Yugesh and S Senthil Kumar
Pages: 1011-1014  |  459 Views  19 Downloads
Subject: Human Anatomy  |  Country: India
Human AnatomyIndia
A study to assess the knowledge regarding disaster management among B.Sc. Nursing 2nd year students at Teerthanker Mahaveer College of Nursing, Moradabad. U.P.
Pramod Kumar and Rajani Karsayal
Pages: 1015-1017  |  566 Views  37 Downloads
Subject: Nursing  |  Country: India
Studies on the impact of construction of barrage on the macro-benthic invertebrate faunal diversity of river Tawi
KK Sharma, Dr. Sarbjeet Kour, Dr. Shvetambri and Neha Sharma
Pages: 1018-1020  |  529 Views  10 Downloads
Subject: Zoology  |  Country: India
A study on challenges faced by perishable exporters with special reference to Coimbatore
Dr. Poorna K and Karthika R
Pages: 1021-1024  |  476 Views  14 Downloads
Subject: Commerce  |  Country: India
Can body mass index can be replaced by mid upper arm circumference
Arumugam Indira, Katari Kantha, Dr. G Subramanyam and Dr. P Ram Mohan
Pages: 1025-1027  |  672 Views  44 Downloads
Subject: Nursing  |  Country: India
Functional clothing for lactating women: A user oriented product development approach
Pooja Singh and Dr. Manisha Gahlot
Pages: 1028-1033  |  618 Views  22 Downloads
Subject: Home Science  |  Country: India
Home ScienceIndia
A descriptive study to assess B.Sc. nursing 1st Year and 2nd Year student’s adjustment pattern and psychological distress in two selected college of nursing at Gwalior city
Rajani Karsayal, Pramod Kumar and Pragati Srivastava
Pages: 1034-1036  |  563 Views  14 Downloads
Subject: Nursing  |  Country: India
Application of central composite experimental design to optimise sustained release tablet formulations of muscle relaxant baclofen
SA Kale and VH Bajaj
Pages: 1037-1043  |  512 Views  17 Downloads
Subject: Statistics  |  Country: India
प्रेमचन्द के उपन्यासों में तत्कालीन सामाजिक राजनीतिक स्थिति का चित्रण
Brij Gopal
Pages: 1044-1046  |  17 Views  17 Downloads
Subject: Sociology  |  Country: India
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