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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 2, Issue 7, Part A (2016)

Conceptualizing the mediating role of well being in relation to emotional intelligence and its consequences

Tisha Singh
Purpose: The aim of the paper is to conceptualize emotional intelligence and its various consequences like organizational commitment, life satisfaction and well being.
Methodology: The conceptual model is developed on the basis of existing theoretical framework and empirical research conducted on emotional intelligence.
Findings: The model developed include six dimensions of emotional intelligence and its relationship with organizational commitment, well being and life satisfaction. Specifically the model comprises of emotional intelligence which affect life satisfaction in context to family, friends, self, job and living environment also its effect on well being and organizational commitment is identified.
Contribution: The paper contributes to the human resource management literature by designing conceptual model of emotional intelligence and its further consequences.
Originality/Value: There has been no research that illustrates the emotional intelligence model based on non profit making organizations demonstrating its various consequences. The paper makes an in-depth attempt to comprehend the significant contribution made by emotional intelligence on various other factors.
Practical Implication: Identifying the impact of emotional intelligence on its various consequences is important for setting and implementing various programs regarding the development and enhancement of life satisfaction of the employee’s working with non profit making objective. Beside this, emotional intelligence also helps to uplift the commitment of the employees working in the organization for a longer tenure.
Limitations: Being conceptual in nature, the major limitation is the lack of empirical data to test the model. Hence there is a need to conduct an empirical research in future.
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Tisha Singh. Conceptualizing the mediating role of well being in relation to emotional intelligence and its consequences. International Journal of Applied Research. 2016; 2(7): 45-51.
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