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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 2, Issue 9, Part B (2016)

Prevalence of hypertension among the adults in Koratur VS Kovur Nellore

Katari Kantha and Arumugam Indira
Background: Hypertension is the new-era pandemic, which causes about 7.1 million deaths per year globally. Various risk factors are implicated in the development of hypertension and there are differences in these risk factors in coastal and noncoastal populations depending on the level of development and epidemiological transition.
Aim: to assess the prevalence of hypertension
Setting and Design: The study was conducted in Koratur (coastal area) and Kovur (non coastal area) by using a descriptive design.
Materials and Methods: A total of 500 samples were included in this study. Among this, 250 samples belongs to coastal area and 250 samples belongs to non coastal area by using convenience sampling technique.
Statistical Analysis Used: The collected data was organized, tabulated, analyzed and interpreted by using descriptive and inferential statistics based on the objectives of the study.
Results: In Koratur, Out of 250 samples, With regard to the category of the blood pressure 27(10.8%) had stage-I hypertension, 5(2%) had stage-II hypertension, 42(16.8%) had grade-I isolated systolic hypertension, and 7(2.8%) had grade-II isolated systolic hypertension. Known Hypertensive cases are 38(15.2%), Newly diagnosed cases are 43(17.2%). With regard to BMI, among 250 samples 22(8.8%) were overweight and 15(6%) were obese. in Kovur, among 250 samples, 47(18.8%) had stage-I hypertension, 13(5.2%) had stage-II hypertension, 2(0.8%) had stage-III hypertension, 47(18.8%) had grade-I hypertension, and 2(0.8%) had grade-II hypertension. Known Hypertensive cases are 9(3.6%). Newly diagnosed cases are 102(40.8%). With regard to BMI among 250 samples 37(14.8%) were overweight and 9(3.6%) were obese.
Conclusion: The above results shown that blood pressure values are high in the Kovur (non coastal area) than Koratur (coastal area).
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Katari Kantha and Arumugam Indira. Prevalence of hypertension among the adults in Koratur VS Kovur Nellore. International Journal of Applied Research. 2016; 2(9): 94-96.
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