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International Journal of Applied Research
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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 3, Issue 11, Part A (2017)

New double hybrids of mulberry silkworm, Bombyx mori L. to be suitable for changed caused in Egyptian climate

Usama Mohamed Ghazy, Tahia Azooz Fouad and Karima Haggag
Breeding program of sericulture research department in Egypt has created many new mulberry silkworm, Bombyx mori L. races. Hybridization was made between some races to produce single hybrids. Hybrids used to create double hybrids. Double hybrids are feature to be tolerant to un-stability conditions. Nowadays the Egyptian climates are changed. So that, farmers needs the tolerant hybrids for unstable climate to increase their crops.
Eleven races used for produced fifteen single hybrids. The resulted hybrids used to create fifteen double hybrids in the present investigation. Imported hybrid from Bulgaria reared as check parent.
The double hybrids are reared under the normal Egyptian conditions. Criteria of fifth and total larval duration were recorded. Mortality percentage, weights of fresh cocoon, cocoon shell and pupae were registered. Cocoon shell ratio, silk productivity, cocooning percentage, pupation ratio, Number of cocoon per liter, crop by number and weight were tested. All data were analyzed using check parent value. As well as modified of evaluation index and subordinate function.
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