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International Journal of Applied Research
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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 3, Special Issue 3, Part D (2017)

Diversity of copepodes in Kudla Dam near Umri at Nanded district (Maharashtra)

Bhoyar VV, Surve PR
All freshwater ecosystems (lakes, rivers, ponds, streams) are home to various life forms, often collectively referred to as the food chain or food web. The numbers and variety of living organisms in a freshwater food web is dependent on the productivity of the ecosystem. This productivity depends on the availability of energy (usually solar) and raw materials (nutrients, minerals) within the ecosystem. Of course, the available energy is constantly changing with daily and seasonal cycles, and the raw materials are continuously cycling (water cycle, carbon cycle, nitrogen Cycle, phosphorus cycle} through and within the ecosystem. These fluctuations also help to determine the short-term productivity of the system. In aquatic ecosystems, as on land, the basis of life and the resulting food web is photosynthesis. The present study was carried out on kudla dam for a period of one year from Jan to Dec 2016. The samples were collected and identified using standard keys [1]. In the present study 7 species of copepods were found.
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Bhoyar VV, Surve PR. Diversity of copepodes in Kudla Dam near Umri at Nanded district (Maharashtra). International Journal of Applied Research. 2017; 3(3S): 105-106.
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