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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 3, Special Issue 3, Part D (2017)

A new species of coniothyrium corda

PS Kaste
During a survey of fungi the author collected a species of Coniothyrium Corda causing dead stems of Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp. The present species of Coniothyrium was compared with the earlier known species [1-5] and was found differ greatly in its pycnidial and conidial morphology. However, the present collection falls close to C. ambadevianum [1] in certain respects. But the former differ from the latter in having smaller pycnidia. To accommodate this fungus, its description as a new species is called for.
The material was examined and deposited at ‘Ajrekar Mycological Herbarium’, Agharkar Research Institute, Pune as holotype. The detailed description of the same with latin diagnosis are given below.
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PS Kaste. A new species of coniothyrium corda. International Journal of Applied Research. 2017; 3(3S): 112-112.
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