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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 3, Special Issue 3, Part J (2017)

Study on effects of physical parameters on planktonic population of lonar crater India

DS Dabhade, MR Tandale
Lake water study is on the basis of both Physical and Chemical parameters, Physical Parameters are also play important role for the micro and macroscopic organism which are live in that water bodies. In this research article Physical parameters and their relation towards the planktonic communities is discus. Thus, the Lonar have very localized temperature systems as well as it has alkaline water which remain stable throughout the study periods, hence Lake water containing microorganism are well adapted such extreme environment. The blue green algae constitute the major among phytoplankton community particularly Spirulina is the dominant and Zooplankton, Rotifera is in general Brachionus species in particular are dominant over all other types of zooplanktons. Some other Zooplanktonic communities also adapting such extreme environment that those species of Rotifers was quantitatively less they may enhance their number for example Hexarthra intermedia, Polyarthra vulgaris, Philodina flaviceps and Lecane lunaris. From these species Polyarthra sp. is pollution indicator due to that lake water get polluted from the dominance of such species and hence it may responsible for the Eutrophication.
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DS Dabhade, MR Tandale. Study on effects of physical parameters on planktonic population of lonar crater India. International Journal of Applied Research. 2017; 3(3S): 305-308.
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