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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 3, Issue 6, Part P (2017)

Role of modern strategies towards nurturing creative thinking in teaching -learning process

Anshu Mali and Gunjeet Mahiwal
In the 21st century, much attention has been devoted to modern strategies /systems within the field of education. There is a dire need to increase such strategies like Students’ creative thinking capacities through instruction and practice for the betterment of the nation. Much attention is given to such form of thinking in educational institutions as creative thinking is the cause of rapid change that leads to the development of the nation. With movement to what is often referred to as ‘the information age’ the ability to be a creative thinker is considered an important element of life success. Creative or innovative thinking is the kind of thinking that leads to new insights, novel approaches, fresh perspectives and whole new ways of understanding and conceiving of things. Creative thinking help to maintain students' motivation and passion for in-depth learning. Encouraging students to keep on generating new ideas fosters their creative-thinking abilities. This paper highlights the different strategies in terms of teachers and students, parents working with children, or people trying to develop their own creative thinking in the field of education.
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Anshu Mali and Gunjeet Mahiwal. Role of modern strategies towards nurturing creative thinking in teaching -learning process. International Journal of Applied Research. 2017; 3(6): 1108-1111.
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