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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 3, Issue 8, Part D (2017)

Household water security: An overview

Surender Gulia and Sajjan Kumar
Water is most essential thing for all of us and it is one of the most important substances on Earth. All plants and animals must have water to survive. If there was no water there would be no life on earth. It is an essential element for every living creature in the world. Water occupies two third of human body’s weights. Water is the basis of life so we can’t imagine a world without water. It is as much equally important for plant as for the living beings. Human beings can survive for many days without food but it is almost impossible for them survive without water. Without water there would not be grains, fruits, vegetables and any plant. Without water Earth would be a gigantic dead desert. According to present knowledge, Earth is the only planet of our solar system with water in all three phases: solid, liquid and gas. The Earth’s surface is clearly dominated by water: 70.8 percent of it is covered by the oceans, about 3.16 percent by ice. Lakes cover approximately 2 million km² (0.39%) rivers and wetlands, cover nearby 2.7 million km² (0.53%), of the total water-covered surface of the earth. But, we have very limited sources of drinking water and the problem is getting worse day by day as humans pollute and waste this resource. According to WHO, a child dies from water born diseases in every 8 seconds. In this paper we will try to examine the status of house hold water security and finding the major government policy for house hold water security and also try to findout the present conditions of household water security in India.
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Surender Gulia and Sajjan Kumar. Household water security: An overview. International Journal of Applied Research. 2017; 3(8): 230-237.
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