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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 4, Issue 1, Part F (2018)

Gender presentation - in post-colonial literature: By diasporic writer – Bapsi Sidhwa, (Solemn feminist paradigm)

Syeda Samar Shahid Bokhari
Post-colonial literature is evidently the mirror document of values of the related era. Specifically the main concerns or the core aspects of postcolonial writings have been gender related. The relative positioning of gender in the social circumstances as and when the document registered in the time-period renders some thought banks for the readers. The question of women stance in the society has always been there and unfortunately never been answered wholesomely. To some extent the plight of the weaker sex has been exposed to the thread by the postcolonial writers. We can name it as postcolonial feminism in other sense; it would be a subset of feminism but not in mythical nous. In the present paper, diasporic writings would be the basic focus of attention; Bapsi Sidhwa marvel - novels portraying feminism. They, no less, have laid out the continuum of female condition through and through. The family patterns of the colonies have been described in an intricate crisscross way. Postcolonial writers contest misconceptions of the world related to the female portraits globally. This paper unfolds these misconceptions step by step and present them as gems of postcolonial literature.
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Syeda Samar Shahid Bokhari. Gender presentation - in post-colonial literature: By diasporic writer – Bapsi Sidhwa, (Solemn feminist paradigm). International Journal of Applied Research. 2018; 4(1): 377-381.
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