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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 4, Issue 10, Part C (2018)

Building a peaceful society from martin Buber’s perspective of I-thou/you and I-It relationship

Damianus Abun and Theogenia Magallanes
The existence of broken world cannot be denied. Human beings must accept the fact that this broken world is caused by human beings themselves. The solution is going back to human beings’ relationship. Since society is built upon relations, therefore human relationship must be restored to heal the broken world. The kind of human relationship that can restore unified society is subject to subject relationship, not subject to object relationship. World crisis is caused by I-It relationship in which another human being is treated as object and as a result abuse and manipulation are becoming the norms of relationship. Conflict happens because of misunderstanding and such misunderstanding is caused by not being open to one another. People do not reveal themselves to one another because of mistrust. Buber’s advice is that everyone should open to one another and should be treated as equal human beings, as subjects. Therefore, honest and sincere dialogue between man and man is a prerequisite to build a dream world: unified world, not a broken one.
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Damianus Abun and Theogenia Magallanes. Building a peaceful society from martin Buber’s perspective of I-thou/you and I-It relationship. International Journal of Applied Research. 2018; 4(10): 150-153.
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