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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 4, Issue 12, Part E (2018)

Stabilization of black cotton soil by using grounded rubber powder

CH Kusuma Keerthi and Sumanth Doodala
Solid waste management is one of the major environmental concerns worldwide. In India, the scrap tyres are being generated and accumulated in large volumes causing an increasing threat to the environment. In order to eliminate the negative effect of these depositions and in terms of sustainable development, there is great interest in the recycling of these non-hazardous solid wastes. The potential of using rubber from worn tyres in many civil engineering works has been studied for more than 30 years. Applications where tyres can be used have proven to be effective in protecting the environment and conserving natural resources. In recent times with the increase in the demand for infrastructure and feasible foundation design in not applicable due to poor bearing capacity of ground soil stabilization has started to take a new shape. Stabilization is process of fundamentally changing the chemical properties of soft soils by adding binders or stabilizers, either in wet or dry conditions to increase the strength and stiffness of the originally weak soils. In the present investigation attempt is made to stabilize black cotton soil using grounded rubber tyre powder. Black cotton is mixed with grounded rubber tyre with 5%, 10%, 15% and 20%. The unconfined and CBR tests were carried out in the laboratory for different mix proportions of rubber powder with black cotton soil. Considerable improvement is found in strength of black cotton and shedi soil for the 5% percent mix of rubber.
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CH Kusuma Keerthi and Sumanth Doodala. Stabilization of black cotton soil by using grounded rubber powder. International Journal of Applied Research. 2018; 4(12): 300-306.
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