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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 4, Issue 12, Part E (2018)

Public perceptions on Bhagawan Satya Sai water projects

R Srinivasa Prasad
Water is essential for all organisms on this earth. The Vedas hail the element water as the very basis of existence. The evolutionary tree has at its roots, life forms that originated out of water. Thus, water is a gift of God to this world. Water covers three-fourths of the surface of earth. But surprisingly, in spite of such an abundance of this gift of God, in our present times, pure drinking water has become a scarce commodity. Rampant pollution by industries has contaminated our rivers and groundwater. An ever-burgeoning human population is depleting even the available water resources by being wasteful in its use. Man is today staring in the face of a water crisis that perils his very existence. The need of the hour is a system of water management that optimizes the utilization and allocation of the available water resources so that adequate water is available to all. To mitigate the problem of drinking water in rain-fed areas of Andhra Pradesh and neighbouring states, Bhagawan Sathya Sai Baba initiated water projects in 1990s and still continuing in all places, where it started. In this paper the author collected the opinion of rural mass on the important aspects of Sathya Sai water projects in Ananthapuramu district of Andhra Pradesh.
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R Srinivasa Prasad. Public perceptions on Bhagawan Satya Sai water projects. International Journal of Applied Research. 2018; 4(12): 324-326.
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