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International Journal of Applied Research
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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 4, Issue 4, Part E (2018)

Bioaccumulation and distribution of some elements by Eclipta Alba (L.) Hassk as affected by the element level in soils

Hanaa S Shehata
The present study presents an investigation of possible accumulation of some heavy metals in roots, stems and leaves of Eclipta alba, grown in a cultivated land irrigated with canal irrigation water (locality-1) and a cultivated land irrigated with drain water (locality-2) in El- Mahmodeya village near Zagazig city, Sharkia Governorate, Egypt. Soil and plants were collected from three sites per non-contaminated and contaminated localities. The considered elements were Al, Co, Ni, Pb, Cd, Ba, Cu, Zn, Mn, and Fe. Results revealed that E. Alba accumulated significantly high concentrations of the considered elements found in the corresponding soils in the studied localities in their different organs. The results showed that the levels of elements with higher and lower values had the sequence of Fe > Cu > Mn > Al > Zn and Pb > Ni > Ba > Co > Cd respectively. Also, the considered heavy metals showed multifold higher concentrations in plant organs compared to corresponding soils.
Based on the values of bioaccumulation and translocation factors, Eclipta Alba displayed the potential to be used in phytoextraction of all considered metals, except for Ni. Moreover, it proved relevance for phytostabilization of Ni and Fe as it recorded TF >1.
Eclipta. Alba showed Al and Fe concentrations above 1000 mg kg-1 in its leaves; therefore, it is considered a hyperaccumulator of these metals. Significant positive correlations were found between concentrations of some heavy metals like (Al, Fe, and Cd) in soil and plant organs. The high bioaccumulation factor, reveals E. Alba as a promising phytoremediator. Also, the present results revealed that E. Alba could be considered a potential biomonitoring of the predominance of heavy metals in polluted localities.
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Hanaa S Shehata. Bioaccumulation and distribution of some elements by Eclipta Alba (L.) Hassk as affected by the element level in soils. International Journal of Applied Research. 2018; 4(4): 323-333.
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