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International Journal of Applied Research
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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 5, Issue 1, Part B (2019)

Design and application of sintered clay pellets for the removal of methylene blue

Adjia Zangué H, Ebio Nko’o G, Noumi Guy B, Villiéras F, Kamga R, Kagongbe D and Domga R
Industries use synthetic dyes and toxic organic compounds that pollute these waste waters, sometimes with significant fluxes. This work deals with the study of the elimination of methylene blue dye by sintered pellets based on alluvial clay. The pellet formulation was made with a proportion between the amount of the dry material and the amount of 90g/20mL distilled water, followed by a heat treatment of the pellets (100 °C to 500 °C). The adsorption tests showed that equilibrium was established after 25 minutes with 0.086 mg/g and 0.096 mg/g of MB removed by the pellets at 500 °C and 400 °C. The maximum percentage of adsorption of the pellets at 500°C is 67% that of the pellets at 400 °C is 70%. The adsorption of the methylene blue dye on the sintered pellets is described by pseudo-second-order kinetics. Thermodynamic parameters have shown that MB adsorption is less favored, exothermic and of a physical nature. Adequate MB adsorption temperature is 313K. The study of adsorption by pellets is rapid at low MB concentrations with 0.097 mg/g and 0.109 mg/g MB removed at 400 °C and 500 °C. The correct pH for the elimination of MB is 6.6. The Langmuir model expresses better the elimination of MB by pellets at 500 °C (R² = 0.962), while that of Dubinin-Radushkevic better expresses the elimination of MB at 400 °C (R² = 0.996). The pellets at 400 °C and 500 °C are stable in solution and show a good adsorption capacity for methylene blue.
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