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International Journal of Applied Research
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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 5, Issue 1, Part B (2019)

Nominalization as a derivational process in Gìdírὲ

Thaddeus Danquah Kokobina
The paper discussed Nominalization in Gìdírὲ (Adele). Gìdírὲ is one of the “Ghana-Togo-Mountain (GTM) Languages.” This language is spoken in the Krachi East and Nkwanta South Districts in the Volta Region of the Republic of Ghana and also in some parts of the Republic of Togo. Data for the study was collected from both primary and secondary sources. Item-and- Process (IP) model of the Struturalist’s Approach to Morphology was used to analyze data for the study. The study revealed that in Gìdírὲ, when (gE-) is prefixed to an action verb, we derive a noun that indicates the act of performing the action denoted by the verb. It was also evident that when e……lε or be……lε are simultaneously attached to an action verb, we derive a noun with means, “the one who performs the action denoted by the verb. Additionally, it was revealed that by attaching the prefix gE- and the locative suffix –kὺn to the stem of an action verb, we derived “a noun that indicates the place where the action designated by the verb is performed. Another notable morpho-phonlogical process identified in the study was that selecting an affix as a prefix for a particular stem depends on whether the stem vowel is +ATR or –ATR. +ATR stem vowel takes ge- as a prefix whereas –ATR stem vowel takes the prefix gε-.
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