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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 5, Issue 8, Part E (2019)

Blended learning: A revitalize(r) for TLP of poetry

Sunil Dutt
The concept of Blended learning may have made its’ entry into the academia only a decade ago, but its’ essence may be found in the old days of Vedic Era, where the teacher used to teach theory in the precincts of Gurukul, but was supposed to take students out in the lap of nature to practice with a touch of reality. The Indian concept of idealized education was punctured with a touch of the scientific temperament of Britishers at the advent of colonialization. Since then there have been number of paradigm shifts in the concept of education with the advent of internet, AV aids, smart classrooms and laptops, online courses and e-lectures. With many meandering leaps the concept of Education has reached the present stage of Blended Learning, where the technology and teacher are at the same pedestal. Nonetheless, the teaching and learning process of Poetry has also been greatly metamorphosized from the sapless methods of classroom teaching and learning including recitation, reading between the lines, brainstorming vocabulary exercises to learning and teaching through interactive methods of blended learning to make it a participatory and stimulating odyssey for both the teacher and taught.
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Sunil Dutt. Blended learning: A revitalize(r) for TLP of poetry. International Journal of Applied Research. 2019; 5(8): 334-337.
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