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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 6, Issue 5, Part C (2020)

Microalgae - A boon for larviculture of aquatic organisms

Divya M and S Aanand
Microalgae are utilized diversely in aquaculture, as a live feed for culture of marine fin fish larvae. They are rich in nutrition and used as a component or as a food additive to supply basic nutrients and for the larvae. The larvae of molluscs, echinoderms and crustaceans as well as the live prey of some fish larvae feed on microalgae. The most frequently used species are Chlorella sp., Tetraselmis sp., Isochrysis sp., Pavlova sp., Phaeodactylum sp., Chaetoceros sp., Nannochloropsis sp., Skeletonema sp. and Thalassiosira sp. Combination of different algal species provides better balanced nutrition and improves animal growth better than a diet composed of only one algal species This study provides a background on the usage of microalgae in aquaculture, focusing on their nutritional value and their applications.
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Divya M and S Aanand. Microalgae - A boon for larviculture of aquatic organisms. International Journal of Applied Research. 2020; 6(5): 138-143.
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