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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 1, Issue 1, Part C (2014)

Panoramic view of strategies, challenges and opportunities in rural market: A case for market leaders

Arpit Shailesh, Dr. Kushendra Mishra
As per the population census India holds the second rank in the world. A larger part of the population resides in rural areas only. Companies are hence benefitted with such a huge rural market. The leaders of rural market refer to the companies which had entered the rural market in the initial establishment. Rural leaders are taking a more concentrated approach to compete in the rural market. They are modifying their plans and policies according to the changing needs of rural consumers. Rural leaders are succeeding as they are able to overcome the challenges by building mutually beneficial relationships with rural communities; rural leaders are succeeding in their challenges. The traditional selling techniques of goods and services and the efficient work done by the rural leaders will provide them with the opportunity of making more profits. An Exclusive model of sales and the channels of distribution network tailored to rural India’s needs could be a key for future development. To trigger growth in the rural parts, the companies are trying their level best. The companies have classified the point that the rural consumers are now in a good condition with disposable income. The purchasing power of the rural customers has increased due to availability of finance. Marketers must realise the price affordability of a consumer living in a rural region. Therefore, this paper is an effort made to encourage the brand reputation in the rural market.
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Arpit Shailesh, Dr. Kushendra Mishra. Panoramic view of strategies, challenges and opportunities in rural market: A case for market leaders. Int J Appl Res 2014;1(1):109-114.
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