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Vol. 1, Issue 1, Part E (2014)

Dalit representation in Bama’s <em>Karukku</em>

Dalit representation in Bama’s Karukku

Rashmi Agrawal
Dalit issue and Dalit feminism has received an authentic recognition in Bama’s book Karukku and the presentation of Dalit consciousness by Bama has made a momentous impact in Indian English literature. Baba was highly influenced by the stalwart leader of Dalits, Dr B.R. Ambedkar and this subjectivity is well perceptible in her thought provoking writings. Bama invokes Dalit victimhood through her characters and vibrantly records the curse of the caste system that has crippled the Indian society. This paper analyses the perspective of Bama while she projects the ill-treated and oppressed section of the society and the resulting trauma with which they suffer. The evils of untouchability and caste discrimination have been dealt with an autobiographical note. In an informal speech style the non-fictional book addresses the readers closely and shares the predicament of Dalits without highlighting her personal details. The book is written in a unique narrative style and a colloquial language which makes it more appealing and touching. It presents how the author herself gradually realises her being different from the upper class, upper caste Tamil and this being the reason of her constant humiliation and oppression. Even the state machinery is instrumental in perpetuating the victimhood of Dalits and the animosity between communities.
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Rashmi Agrawal. Dalit representation in Bama’s Karukku. Int J Appl Res 2014;1(1):458-459.
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