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Vol. 1, Issue 10, Part A (2015)

Influence of media exposure on vocational interest among adolescents

Influence of media exposure on vocational interest among adolescents

Karuna Sharma
Vocation is valued by most adolescents, for its contribution to self-esteem, financial independence, and social maturity (Dube, 2013). Vocational interest is one of the most influential judgement that adolescent has to attain. Mass media is considered as an important medium of innovation. The media does tend to influence a person's career choice. Media may also serve as a powerful force in shaping how young people perceive the world. Media is advantageous to create a comprehensible picture of occupations for adolescents, which they want to opt for their future. Media can help expose people to global political and social events, people with greater or lesser incomes, and personal resources and items (Lipscomb, 2015). Movies and television shows in particular tend to focus on certain careers which can help shape people's ideas of those careers. The impact of media on children suggests that television provides a powerful context for career development. An overwhelming majority of young people are influenced by television programmes when choosing a career, research reveals. Lipscomb, (2015) believed that the entertainment options can even turn some careers into trendy options like law enforcement, advertising and journalism, by glamorizing them. This glamorous view may make some people interested in entering these professions.
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