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Vol. 1, Issue 10, Part J (2015)

Status of Aged People in Tribal Community

Status of Aged People in Tribal Community

R Gurumoorthy, D Thirumalraja
Problem of ageing is appearing as a major issue in modern age because the improvement of medical science has raised the life expectancy of the people. As a result, the number of old age people is increasing all over the world. According to UNESCO estimate the number of old people aged above 60+ in the world is likely to go up from 350 million in 1975 to 590 million in 2005. About half of them are in the developing countries. In the advanced countries like Norway, Sweden and Japan the population of the aged above 60 is 20 per cent. However, the percentage of the aged in other advanced countries in the West is in the neighbourhood of 14 Per cent. So far as India is concerned as a result of the change in the age composition of the population over time, there has been a progressive increase in both the number and proportion of aged people. The proportion of the population aged 60 years or more has been increasing consistently over the last century, particularly after 1951. In 1901 the proportion of the population aged 60 or over of India was about 5 percent, which marginally increased to 5.4 percent in 1951, and by 2001 this share was found to have risen to about 7.4 percent. About 75% of persons of age 60 and above reside in rural areas. The Status of the aged not only differ between younger and olds but also from country to county on the socio-cultural background. Venkoba Rao (1979) has indicated that as to how the prevalent cultural conditions are affecting or contributing to the problems of the aged. Ghosal (1962) has observed that the problems of old age tend to be multiple rather than single. Due to the multiple natures being observed in the old age causes different problems. Based on these types of problems vary between tribes and non-tribes.
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