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Vol. 1, Issue 11, Part A (2015)

Innovative Practices in Employee Relationship Management

Innovative Practices in Employee Relationship Management

AG Police Patil
Concept of Innovative practicesrn“Manage Men tactfully” and maintain cordial relation with employees, because they are the sole of the organization. In any organization 4M’s are plays an important role, they are Men, Money, Machine, Material. Men are very important and essential to motive and achieve the common goal of the organization.rnInnovative practices in employee relationship management are mandatory for organizations to survive in the high technology atmosphere of the 21st century in Global market. Most organizations are looking for ways to improve their ability to create ideas and to develop the best environment for idea creation. More organizations are turning to the practice of knowledge management for sharing experiences and expertise, integrating knowledge, and generating new knowledge. rnObjectives Employees relationship ManagementrnThe main objective of Employee relationship management is a general term that means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. For most companies, relationship management centers on items like attracting and retaining employees. Common measures of the effectiveness of these relationships include time to hire, turnover and employee satisfaction.rnHonest CommunicationrnCommunication is critical to establishing strong employee relationships. Managers must be committed to communicating regularly and honestly with employees about the issues that impact their work. The more open organizations can be, the more likely they are to establish strong relationships that lead to increased loyalty and productivity among employees and decreased turnover and dissatisfaction.rnMethods of information SystemsrnIn employee relationship management classification we may include many information system. System, Workforce System, Knowledge, Social software.rnThe key idea is that a good management of the relationship with employees has a great value for the company and is a driver of performance improvement both in individual and in teams.rnThe employee relationship management are one of the social software tools that a company needs for the development of the Human Capital Management toward an Employee ship approach - where the main objective is to achieve a working environment that stimulates involvement among employees and managers.rnConclusionrnThis article will focus on the innovative practices to be adopted in all the organizations according to the Global Competitions and the goal to be achieved by investing minimum to get maximum benefit in all circumstances.
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International Journal of Applied Research
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