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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 1, Issue 11, Part H (2015)

Scope and challenges of social work in Schools: Perspectives of teachers and social organizations

Gangotri Dash, Mohan AK
Social workers provide social, emotional and physical development services to children and also strive to modify the environment for the best interest of child. To do this effectively, social workers work with parents, teachers, schools and communities. The general public consider the social workers who work in schools as a stand in educator, psychotherapist, social planner, and liaison between school and home (Wang 2003). In India mainly social organizations are performing various child development activities in school. Again for the school children, teachers are not only educator and motivators but also play an important role to shape their lives. In order to understand the scope and challenges of social work in school in Indian context, research study had included both teachers and representatives of social organization, working for schools. Focused group discussions (with three to four teachers in each group) were conducted in fourteen government schools of Mysore city and responds from four social organisations, working in different schools in Mysore city, were taken using interview schedule. The study intends to present their views about child and school development areas. It also aims to understand the challenges faced by social organisations while working in schools and scope of social work in schools. It captures the understanding of educators on various terms like discipline, punishment, social work, community work, life skills etc. to suggest indirect social work intervention scopes for child development.
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Gangotri Dash, Mohan AK. Scope and challenges of social work in Schools: Perspectives of teachers and social organizations. Int J Appl Res 2015;1(11):550-556.
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