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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 1, Issue 11, Part M (2015)

A compilation of total daily nutrient intake and psychological morbidities in women of reproductive age groups: A cross-sectional study

Neetu Singh
Turning to the adult part of the woman's life cycle, it is apparent that pregnancy and childbirth are special events in a woman's life, a time of hope, anticipation and joy. Unfortunately, very often it turns out to be a time of fear, suffering and even death. Today the mental disorders stand among the leading causes of disease and disability in the world. One in four people in the world will be affected by mental or psychological disorder at some point in their lives. Psychological morbidities Viz; Self-esteem, anxiety and depression are likely to have profound influences on the directly pattern of urban women who are in a disadvantaged position on nutrition scale. Approximately one third of them suffer from chronic energy deficiency in India. The Objective of the study was 1. to elicit daily dietary intake of women. 2. To find out ricks of self-esteem, anxiety and depression among women.3.To compare daily dietary intake and psychological morbidity in study subject: This study was carried out in urban area of Varanasi. The approaches adopted for the study was cross-sectional one. For this study 310 women belonging to reproductive age groups (15 to 49 years) except more than four months pregnant women (i.e. excluded from the study) were selected from four Mohall’s of Varanasi city by adopting multistage random sampling procedure. The tools in the study were pre-designed and pre-tested schedule comprising of family and individual schedule. Self-esteem, anxiety and depression level were assessed by questionnaire method using pre-designed and pre-tested inventory. The study has shown that psychological problem on the criteria of scale of self- esteem, anxiety state-trait and depression were 31.94%, 32.58%, 30.65% and 20.97%, respectively. Majority of women 54.52% had normal in all psychological parameter and 0.32% showed abnormal psychological status in all psychological parameter. Only vitamin B1 was significant with depression not with other psychological parameters were not having a significant relation. Self-steem and depression were significant (p<0.05) associated with calories intake. In comparison to nutrient intake with psychological parameters fat and vitamin B2 were significantly (p<0.05) associated with trait anxiety and state anxiety; respectively. No other nutrient showed any relation with other psychological parameters.
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Neetu Singh. A compilation of total daily nutrient intake and psychological morbidities in women of reproductive age groups: A cross-sectional study. Int J Appl Res 2015;1(11):892-901.
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