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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 1, Issue 13, Part A (2015)

The tourist observation of hoteliers and travel agents in Indian tourism industry

Now a day’s in a whole world, infinite people build their travel plans for an enjoyment or business related trip. The trip may be for short or long duration, for the weekend, or for a longer holiday sometime during the coming year. Visas are applied for, flights are reserved, accommodation is booked, cars are rented, train tickets are purchased, programmes are planned and the World Wide Web is surfed for travel-related information and availability of seats. Thousands of people are working round-the-clock to offer these services and interrelate with the traveller, while another couple of thousands work behind the scenes to assist the traveller have a safe and memorable holiday. All these people form a part of one of the largest industry in the world in the tourism industry. A tourist is a temporary visitor to a place, who leaves their usual place of residence and work to have a change from their usual routine for a short time; they may stay at a place at least let’s say for 24 hours. In the current study, we would be considered two such intermediaries having direct contact with the tourists, i.e., Travel agency and the Hotels. The tourist’s observation of the travel agents and the hoteliers would be recognized bringing to light assorted factors that are decisive for accomplishing victorious tourism partnerships.
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Vikrant. The tourist observation of hoteliers and travel agents in Indian tourism industry. Int J Appl Res 2015;1(13):44-49.
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