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Vol. 1, Issue 13, Part C (2015)

Structural change and growth of agriculture in Haryana

Structural change and growth of agriculture in Haryana

Dr. Parmod Kumar Aggarwal, Anita Moudgil
Structural change indicates qualitative transformation of the economic systems through technological progress and organizational changes. It happens not only in domestic product but also in the shares of employment. Structural change contributes to accelerate economic growth with improvements in productivity. Economic development has been regarded as the process of structural transformation where the relative share of agriculture in national output falls and of industry and service sector rises. The study is carried out to find whether this pattern exists in the economy of Haryana. The objective of the study is to examine the structural change and performance of agriculture sector in Haryana. Haryana is predominantly an agrarian state but it has accelerated the growth rates in industrial and service sector also. The selected indicators to find structural change are sectoral composition of output, sectoral labour shares and capital formation. The performance of agriculture is examined on the basis of indicators of agricultural development like yield of major crops, cropping intensity, irrigation intensity, density of tractors, consumption of fertilizers. The main findings: the pattern of structural change in Haryana is in tune with the national economy of India and agriculture sector needs more attention on the part of policymakers to provide incentives for new farm innovations.
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Dr. Parmod Kumar Aggarwal, Anita Moudgil. Structural change and growth of agriculture in Haryana. Int J Appl Res 2015;1(13):133-139.
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