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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 1, Issue 13, Part E (2015)

A review on plastic & reconstructive surgery marvels of Sushruta

Devendra Prasad Mishra
Sushruta Samhita is regarded as one of the finest books in the history of ancient surgery, where we found description of all kinds of surgical procedures in a very organized way. Sushruta a revered surgeon of his time not only described in detail about different kinds of wounds and wound healing methods but also was a master in surgical art craft. Plastic surgery is mentioned in the different chapters in Sushruta Samhita, especially in the wound healing and lobuloplasty chapters. Today plastic surgery is developed as a super specialization branch in western surgery, but somehow we forget to give due credit to the concepts and works done by Sushruta some 3000 years ago. Present study was undertaken to review the works of Sushruta specific to plastic surgery. It was found that Sushruta had complete knowledge of different kinds of skin graft and pedicle graft and had the technique of reattachment of freshly cut off body parts, which is still a matter of astonishment for the scientists.
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Devendra Prasad Mishra. A review on plastic & reconstructive surgery marvels of Sushruta. Int J Appl Res 2015;1(13):282-284.
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