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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 1, Issue 13, Part M (2015)

Assess psychosocial problems of geriatric population

Manisha Gholap and Mahesh Chendake
Background of the study: In India so many problems are faced by the geriatric peoples. Psychological problems are integrated of our health care system. Most of the times it ignored by the family members. So early identification of problems are necessary to improve quality of life of these people. Objectives: Study revealed with the objectives of Assess psychosocial problems of geriatric population among nuclear verses joint family in selected rural area”. Material and Methods: Descriptive study done in rural area on 100 samples with self-prepared questionnaire which was validated by experts. Ethical permission taken before conduction of study. Samples collected according to inclusion criteria. With convenient sampling techniques. Data collection with interview technique all the information given to the samples before conduction of study. Scale prepared to measure psychological problems (0-12 normal, 12-36 mild to moderate psychological problem, 36-48 severe psychological problems. 1.85% are in severe psychological problems. Results: In the study according to Scio demographic variables majority of people are in the age group of 66-70 (46.29%), joint family majority (61.11%), males ((68.51%), nuclear family (69.56%), in the diet (57.40%), majority of family members are (72.22%). In the psychological problems 70.37 % subjects in joint family and 63.04 % subjects in nuclear family, 36.95% mild psychological problems, p value is 0.5235there is no significant association with psychological problems of old age. Conclusion: Elderly people are suffered with loneliness, economic insecurity, nobody was showing respect toward them. But family members support to them then person can overcome from this problems.
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Manisha Gholap, Mahesh Chendake. Assess psychosocial problems of geriatric population. Int J Appl Res 2015;1(13):857-860.
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