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Vol. 1, Issue 3, Part A (2015)

Gandhian Ideals and the World Crisis

Gandhian Ideals and the World Crisis

Vivek Kumar, Anmol
As The modern world is facing a multidimensional crisis; a crisis that poses challenge to each and every aspect of our life. Among the outstanding aspects of this crisis are; over militarization, nuclear proliferation and global reach of arms, overdevelopment and underdevelopment resulting in mal-development, a vast number of people suffering from poverty, hunger and marginalization. Added to these are environmental degradation in the forms of abuse and overuse of nature and pollution and growing paucity of resources, denial of human rights, gender bias and injustice, crisis in the field of energy, mounting insecurity and violence, terrorism, war and conflicts, drug trafficking, AIDs. Besides, there are corruption, communalism, unemployment, regionalism, problems of language, ethical and moral degradation in private and public life. All these together pose a grave challenge to the world order and demand a renewed emphasis of Mahatma Gandhi's ideals – political, socio-economic and cultural.
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Vivek Kumar, Anmol. Gandhian Ideals and the World Crisis. Int J Appl Res 2015;1(3):36-37.
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