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Vol. 1, Issue 3, Part B (2015)

Egalitarianism in Whitman’s poetry: A preamblee

Egalitarianism in Whitman’s poetry: A preamblee

Muhammad Afsar Kayum
Whitman has been familiar as a nationalist than a truly egalitarian poet. Whitman was interested in American egalitarianism most. He was an ardent supporter of democracy, and saw both abolition and slavery as threats to the great American experiment. What's most shocking about his writing today is not that he loves men or describes "the body electric." What's stunning is his egalitarian sensibility. This was the ever-burning subject of his poetry. He squeezed it and articulated it in its all demonstration-fields, trees, animals, birds, farms, light, air, sea, men, women, and their politics and social transactions, factories, workshops, offices, stories, streets, critics, plains and the countryside. Whitman accepted these and many additional points as the fundamental parts of egalitarianism in America. Whitman foresaw egalitarianism not just as a political system but as a way of experiencing the world. Whitman tried to be egalitarian in both life and poetry. He imagined egalitarianism as a way of interpersonal communication and as a way for individuals to integrate their beliefs into their everyday lives.
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International Journal of Applied Research
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