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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 1, Issue 5, Part A (2015)

Second generation gender bias: Invisible barriers holding women back in organizations

Vijay Kumar Grover
The paper is an attempt to understand gender bias in the organizations. It explains first generation and second generation, gender bias in terms of visible and invisible barriers respectively. As first generation bias denies equality in terms of existence second generation gender bias holds the woman back from reaching the higher echelons of power. Male dominated organizations are reluctant to accept a woman in a leadership role. The Paper gives evidence in terms of data revealing gap between male and female in terms of pay gap, positions they acquire and top positions they occupy. Although it is expected that organizations need to work towards gender just systems, but it the woman who should be the agent of change. Author proposes, woman need to recognize the subtle gender biases at work place, should think like a leader, feel like a leader and act like a leader. Further, she should establish her identity as a leader rather than a female leader. She must groom other women in the organist as future leaders this will eliminate gender based leadership style. She must look for feedback on her work from all quarters and in all forms. Finally, she needs to create a synergy by sharing energy of all the women in the organisation.
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Vijay Kumar Grover. Second generation gender bias: Invisible barriers holding women back in organizations. Int J Appl Res 2015;1(5):12-15.
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