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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 1, Issue 5, Part E (2015)

A qualitative analysis of technological innovation diffusion

RC Srivastava and Dr. Umesh Kumar Gupta
Mathematical modeling is well known in the art. Presently, mathematical models are in widespread use in nearly all forms of technologies such as in computer hardware and software and as an aide in the optimizing and improving of practically every development and manufacturing effort. As a result, mathematical models play in integral role in most technologies in use today. These mathematical models have been developed and applied to a wide variety of technologies depending upon the intended need at the implementation site. The mathematical modeling is an interdisciplinary approach to problem solving characterized by the technological change, testing, and use of models. It uses mathematical methods to analyze the process of technological innovation diffusion also a qualitative analysis of innovation diffusion deepening and development. This studies a good tool for the analysis technological innovation diffusion far fast growing industry and to obtain a mathematical model for the dissemination of an innovative product. With the use of mathematical methods it is proposed to control the function of external influence and to obtain the optimal price for the sale of goods at the maximum balance profit.
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RC Srivastava, Dr. Umesh Kumar Gupta. A qualitative analysis of technological innovation diffusion. Int J Appl Res 2015;1(5):289-295.
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