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Vol. 1, Issue 7, Part M (2015)

A Study on Significance of the Yoga in Geriatric Care

A Study on Significance of the Yoga in Geriatric Care

Kavitha S, Kumudini Achchi
Yoga means to connect or unite our mind, body and spirit. It can be practiced by the people with different religious beliefs, ages and abilities. Yoga is considered useful in the geriatric care for the elders living in the institutions. In the modern day, elders are suffering from various types of physical and psychological illness such as diabetes, arthritis, heart problems, respiratory diseases, depression, anxiety, stress etc., thus, yoga and pranayamas are considered as useful in geriatric care. A study was conducted to assess the significance of the yoga in the geriatric care; an explorative research design was adopted and interview schedule as tools to collect data from 60 elder respondents living in the various institutions (old age homes) of Mysore districts of Karnataka state was selected for the study. Chi-square statistical test was used to analyze the data by using SPSS. Study reveals that level of knowledge and interest of the yoga among the geriatric population and opportunities for learning yoga and pranayama is considered important for the geriatric care in modern phenomenon. Thus, yoga and pranayamas were considered as a cheapest means of gaining new strength and energy for the institutionalized elders in the modern technological era to have a stress free life.
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