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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 1, Issue 7, Part M (2015)

An Experimental Study of Effect of Stress and Job Satisfaction towards Work Life Balance of It Professionals and Private Sector Executives

Rajni Kundu
In the present situation of stiff competition, organizational productivity depends to a very great amount on the presentation of employees which eventually leads to job satisfaction. Organizations today endeavor to supplement job satisfaction in their workforce to be more creative and to keep in pace with the rivalry that prevails in an era of globalization. Stress at work place is related to the different tasks performed by the employee in the workplace which is measured to be imperative determinants of performance of an employee. Employees today are therefore expected to have a appropriate balance between their individual and proficient life which finally leads to job satisfaction and stress reduction. Work-life balance is a matter of unease for both the employees and the employers. It concerns the employees in terms of their stress level and its ensuing outcomes in terms of ill-health (both physical and mental), and it concerns the employers, as the ill-health of their employees translates into concentrated efficiency. The current study inspects the effect of work life balance and stress on job contentment among employees in the IT sector and employees in the administrative cadre in the private sector. Samples of 160 respondents were taken for the study, out of which 80 belong to the IT sector and 80 executives belong to the private sector. Expediency sampling method is used in this study. The findings expose that while work-life balance and job satisfaction were absolutely related to each other, elements of stress dimension like de-motivation, work pressure and meaninglessness were negatively related to job satisfaction. The study also express the fact that work life balance is establish to more among the executives in the private sector when evaluated to that IT professionals. Further, findings illustrate that job satisfaction was higher among the male respondents in assessment to the female respondents. Entertainingly, the IT group had lower work-life balance and job satisfaction, while it had higher meaninglessness, de-motivation and work pressure compared to that of executives in the private sector.
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Rajni Kundu. An Experimental Study of Effect of Stress and Job Satisfaction towards Work Life Balance of It Professionals and Private Sector Executives. Int J Appl Res 2015;1(7):766-769.
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