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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 1, Issue 7, Part N (2015)

Limnological evaluation of fish culture pond of Madhubani

Dipti Kumari
Limnology in the modern source of term is the science of inland waters concerned with all the factors that influence living populations within the water. These factors mostly create water pollution, which is the most serious problem to humankind. It is an established fact that water quality is closely related to the surrounding environment and prevalent land use (APHA, 1992). Madhubani town is known for a network of pond and rivers. It is also a true fact that the flood has effected these water reservoirs badly and is fully responsible for serious problem for these reservoirs as well as mankind. Pond under study is situated in sapta of district Madhubani.
The quality of water depends on its temperature, Clarity, colour, which in any aquatic habitat at a given time is the sum total of the effect of various physical chemical and biological factors. The undesirable impurities are termed as pollutants, which are expressed with the help of various physico-chemical characteristics such as BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) pH, alkalinity etc.
The knowledge of the physico-chemical structure and the biotic community structure of the pond under study would help in evolving the steps to be taken towards the scientific and systematic maintenance and management of pond for fish culture operation and its mortality in order to achieve a target productivity. It will boost up to formulate and enhance knowledge on the water environment issues and its impact on life. Besides these the present work will be focused on:
• Seasonal variations in community structure and population density of Zooplanktons and macrcovertebrates.
• Seasonal variations in community structure and density of marcophytes and phytoplanktons.
• Seasonal variations in various physico-chemical profile of soil and water.
• Diurnal variations in certain physico-chemical parameters.
• Investigations of loss of fishes or fish death if any.
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