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Vol. 1, Issue 9, Part F (2015)

Child Abuse in India

Child Abuse in India

A Muthu Meena Losini
Child abuse can be defined as causing or permitting any harmful or offensive contact on a child’s body; and any communication or transaction of any kind which humiliates shames or frightens the child. Some child development experts go a bit further, and define child abuse as any act or omission, which fails to nurture or in the upbringing of the children. There are many factors that may contribute to the occurrence of child abuse and neglect. Parents may be more likely to maltreat their children if they abuse drugs or alcohol. Some parents may not be able to cope with the stress resulting from the changes and may experience difficulty in caring for their children. Child abuse is defined as endangerment to a child inflicted by another person, usually by the care giver. It is recognized as a major social problem. There are a number of forms of child abuse as ‘physical’, ‘sexual’ ‘emotional’ ‘substance’ and ‘neglect’. Physical and sexual abuses are extremely dangerous to the child and it may cause permanent disabilities. A study shows that more than 53 per cent of Indian children were sexually abused and majority of victims did not dare to report the abuse.
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International Journal of Applied Research
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