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Vol. 1, Issue 9, Part L (2015)

Mallakhamb asports, recreation and its benefits

Mallakhamb asports, recreation and its benefits

Vishwajit Thakare
Ever since this ancient times, when documentation was not easy as like modern era, the survival of many arts like yoga & Yogic exercise etc was dependent solely on the Guru & his discipline. The master performs use to teach his disciplines keeping the art alive. Mallakhamb is not exception for this Indian Traditional culture and practice of passing it to the next generation. For mallakhamb the presence 5th generation is carrying forward & keeping the high flag flying, resulting in even growing popularity not only in India but also throughout the globe .Mallakhamb as the name suggests is a pole used by wrestler for practicing their skills in the game KUSTI.But now days the trend has changed and it has got a special identity. Mallakhamb needs concentration, speed and flexibility. It is the only game which is played against gravity .It is a good exercise to our body especially for backbone. Our whole body gets a message while performing on Mallakhamb.So let’s come together to promote the pure Indian activity.
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Vishwajit Thakare. Mallakhamb asports, recreation and its benefits. Int J Appl Res 2015;1(9):773-775.
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