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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 1, Issue 9, Part Q (2015)

Role of diagnostic laparoscopy in chronic abdominal pain

SR Kulkarni, Nitin R Nagare and Shreesh S Kolekar
Aim: To understand what diagnostic laparoscopy is. Describes how laparoscopy helps to find out what the problem is. Explains what complications can occur with the procedure.
Material and Method: This project by its very nature involves the use of haematological, biochemical, pathological and microbiological investigations, radiological investigations including ultrasonography, CT and MRI; and also expert surgical management including laparoscopy, which are available in our institute. Also this institute has its own well equipped operation theatre, surgical ICU and ventilators an informed consent was taken. Close relation with patients were required in this study along with follow up of the patient for further management.
Result: Colonic adhesions and Meckel’s diverticulum contributed 1 case each i.e. 9.09%.In this study, abdominal Koch’s was common in 41 to 50 years of age group while adhesive intestinal obstruction was common in 21-30 age group. Meckel’s diverticulum and appendicitis were common in 21-30 years of age group while retroperitoneal lymphadenopathy was common in 41-50 years. Scar adhesions were in age group of 31-40, 41-50 and more than 50 years. Hepatic omentum band was in age group of 31-40 years while Ladd’s bands was present only in age group of 11-20.
Conclusion: It should be reserved for those situations after noninvasive method fail to make a diagnosis. DL has many advantages of shorter hospital stay, early recovery and good cosmesis. Laparoscopy should be performed as an early investigative procedure in these patients because “Diagnosis should precede treatment whenever possible” as quoted by Hutchison’s Clinical methods.
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SR Kulkarni, Nitin R Nagare, Shreesh S Kolekar. Role of diagnostic laparoscopy in chronic abdominal pain. Int J Appl Res 2015;1(9):1105-1108.
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