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Vol. 2, Issue 1, Part D (2016)

The effect of internet uses on youth

The effect of internet uses on youth

DV Dinesh, Bagappa Chalawadi
Internet is an integral part of most college students with more than 90 percent of the college students in have access to the Internet. Addiction to positively and negatively. The world of paper and print is giving way to a digital world where everything has digital form whether text, graphics or sound. The digitized world being fast and current, the younger generation is moving fast towards the digital way. Cyberspace and blogosphere are the new worlds of the young generation who exploit and experiment all possibilities of the digital environment. The Internet and online social network sites can affect a student’s academic performance both. The rapid growths of electronic media with all their potential to change the pattern one gathers and communicates information have brought about positive and negative possibilities of using and misusing the media. On the positive side, the electronic media like the Internet provide facility to communicate faster, retrieve and handle information in a more easy way and copying and distributing in innumerable number. On the negative side, it causes concern about the possibility of accessing and distribution of unwanted information, plagiarism, security threat, etc. These concerns can be worsened by parents' relative lack of the Internet sophistication compared to their children's. The combination of the rapid growth of the Internet, not knowing the effects of Internet use, and concerns about the negative consequences of Internet use has created a climate where bad news can become magnified.
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International Journal of Applied Research
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DV Dinesh, Bagappa Chalawadi. The effect of internet uses on youth. Int J Appl Res 2016;2(1):247-250.
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