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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 2, Issue 1, Part G (2016)

Entrepreneurial motivation and determinant factors of the TVET graduate students

Gebremedhn Mezgebe Kidane, Dr. R Satya Raju
Research on entrepreneurship intention has and continues to be of interest to researchers due to its importance to the development for many countries. The literature on entrepreneurship intention has examined various issues with many focusing on the factors that influence entrepreneurship intention and motivation. However, most of these studies were conducted in a non-Ethiopian setting. This study examines entrepreneurship motivation among Mekelle TVET public students. Applied proportional stratified sampling technique and using a self-administered questionnaire survey on 194 sample size from sixteen different departments of TVET students in a Mekelle public institution, this study examined whether TVET graduate students have motivation to pursue entrepreneurship as a career. The five core personality traits, such as need for achievement, locus of control, risk taking, need for independence and self-efficacy are used to measure the entrepreneurial awareness of the students. It also examined whether personality traits and economic factors influence the students to become entrepreneurs. The results indicate that majority of the respondents have an intention to become entrepreneurs and their decisions are attributed by the influence from their family members, business media, business people, academics and attending courses on entrepreneurship. The results also show that out of the two factors: personality traits and environmental factors, personality traits play an important role in influencing the students’ decision to become entrepreneurs. The findings implicate that academics need to play a significant role in encouraging more students to become entrepreneurs by providing more awareness on the benefits of becoming entrepreneurs and in turn, contributing to the growth of the country’s economies and global competitiveness.
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Gebremedhn Mezgebe Kidane, Dr. R Satya Raju. Entrepreneurial motivation and determinant factors of the TVET graduate students. Int J Appl Res 2016;2(1):422-428.
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