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Vol. 2, Issue 1, Part K (2016)

Role of philosophy and existence of man

Role of philosophy and existence of man

Harish R
Philosophy provides multi-dimensional knowledge and also existentialism it also relates with every field like education, culture, religion, etc. like this philosophy is also related with the existence of man it emphasis to words the man’s nature and body with sensing and feeling aspects philosophy gives knowledge about man relationships to being or even man relationship with god gives knowledge about phenomena of man’s life it is center of existence of man rather than truth, the philosophy comes to the aid of man by offering him so constituents principle such as athma - purusa - prakruthi but man living in the material world which are equivalent of humans souls but in the view of philosophy life is seen as gift which is part of mystery in the life of existence of man in the same way philosophy tries to give man’s relationship to being or even man’s relationships with god.
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