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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 2, Issue 10, Part A (2016)

Quality, excellence and challenges in teacher education in Era of globalization

Sunita Kumari
A quality teacher’s education program is rational and streamlined to address some specific pedagogical issues. Basically, it elucidates the idea about what good teaching is all about and then how it organizes course work and all practical experiences around it. Teacher’s education courses are very much connected to practice as well as to theory. A good teacher’s training programs have teachers working continuously with expert master teachers in a traditional classroom or virtual setting to enhance the knowledge and experience base.
Quality and excellence in the education sector is one of the major initiatives of the Government of India in its plans. To achieve the outcome of enhanced quality at all levels of education, Govt. of India has been focusing its attention on quality and excellence in higher education and teacher education. Teacher quality has produced voluminous studies that line many a research library. Discussion on what it is, how it is developed, and its connection to student achievement have become the feature of educational slang in the 21st century. These seek to look at teacher quality in away in which it brings: as a means to review how the terms excellence and quality are shaped by policy, identify how educators perceive teaching quality and to review how quality is cultivated in teachers. Within this scope, this article provides an overview of teacher education and evaluation in India and lastly we discuss about issues and challenges in teacher education. Several studies related to classroom environment and teacher behavior in selected subjects are referenced. The results from different papers and articles and some interview with teachers from different schools and colleges indicate that some items may be irrelevant in the Indian context (e.g., physical characteristics), while more items may be needed to reflect good teaching in India (e.g., questioning skills). In addition, the potential use of teacher profiles to drive staff development and academic improvement is explored.
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Sunita Kumari. Quality, excellence and challenges in teacher education in Era of globalization. Int J Appl Res 2016;2(10):34-37.
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