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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 2, Issue 10, Part D (2016)

Culture and Tourism: Issues and Challenges

Dr. Amrik Singh Thakur
Interest in culture and tourism has exploded over the past several decades into a worldwide industry, creating both opportunities and concerns. Historical sites can be particularly problematic as tourism destinations because of their physical fragility and potential for interpretive bias. Yet heritage tourism also provides an incredible opportunity for archaeologists to reach out to the public, educating them and nurturing their interests not only in the history and prehistory of individual sites, but also about the methods, ethics, and current issues of archaeology. India is experiencing an incredible Growth of tourism development and heritage tourism is one of the tourism branches that have long contributed to appeal the over seas special Interest tourist destination and acts as main pull factor as well as important marketing tool to attract more upmarket special interest tourist especially with special interests in heritage and arts, Culture. Heritage tourism has become as a potential form of alternative tourism among both international tourists as well as NRI and domestic travelers. The difference of ethnics present in India brought different local knowledge discipline ranging from its architecture, handicrafts, traditional attire, music and dance, which reflects a colorful heritage and an amalgamated rich and multi culture. There are arise of conflict in management of cultural heritage tourism in India face by tourism managers, stakeholders, governments, cultural heritage managers and local community itself. In order to maintain, conserve and preserve the resources and assets of cultural heritage in India, a system or management need to be develop that take into consideration on every issues and challenge, so that the decision making process is reliable to optimize the value of cultural heritage tourism industry in India. The purpose of this paper is to give an overview and discuss the status, issues and challenge of heritage and tourism in India.
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Dr. Amrik Singh Thakur. Culture and Tourism: Issues and Challenges. Int J Appl Res 2016;2(10):230-234.
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