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Vol. 2, Issue 2, Part D (2016)

A study of job involvement among senior secondary school teachers

A study of job involvement among senior secondary school teachers

Aradhana Sethi, Dr. Kavita Mittal
Teachers form the nucleus of any system of education. They are one of the main pillars of the society responsible for educating young people of different walks of life. The statement that no system of education can raise the level of its teachers, that no programme of educational reforms can be implemented without the willing and active cooperation of teacher holds true. Teaching is an extraordinary complex activity involving a range of skills, perception, attitudes, involvement, knowledge and sensitivity. In order to make the organisation successful, teacher should have a sense of job involvement. Job involvement is a significant job related behaviour. It shows the degree to which an individual is personally involved with his job. If the teachers are highly involved towards their job, they can produce good results in their professional life. They won’t show truancy, absenteeism and lack of duties towards their organisation. While on the other hand, the teachers who have low level of job involvement leads to low productivity in the academic work which may adversely affect the students and consequently the society. The research has been conducted to study the job involvement of senior secondary school teachers.
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