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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 2, Issue 3, Part D (2016)

A study on patient’s perception towards service quality of corporate hospitals in Coimbatore district

Dr. B Thangaraj, M.R. Chandrasekar
India is second most populous country in the world. Although there have been major improvements in public health care sector in since 1950’s. The country is passing through demographic and environmental transition which is adding to burden of diseases. Indian health care system and policy have been face much more challenges and issues in current consumers environment which is both technology and infrastructure facilities. Today’s corporate hospitals environment played on significant role in global environment the last few decades has seen a magnificent development in the health and hospitals consciousness of the Indian public surroundings like minor and major health care problems. In present study investigate patient’s perceptions about service quality in corporate hospitals in Coimbatore city and this study undertaken in corporate hospitals using SERVQUAL dimension Parasuraman, Ziethamal and L. Berry 1988. Health care service quality should be exclusively evaluated by the patients. This study also identifies some problems like High treatment cost, human and economic threat posed by Non – Communicable diseases, Unnecessary test, lack of time consuming, lack of sound public relations, Non utilizations of services of specialized people. And this study suggests technology and infrastructure will be game changes in the manner in which health care services will be delivered in India. The private sector will be the major driving force behind technology adoption in the health care system. This revolution can improve the patients experience and operate more efficiently.
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Dr. B Thangaraj, M.R. Chandrasekar. A study on patient’s perception towards service quality of corporate hospitals in Coimbatore district. Int J Appl Res 2016;2(3):189-194.
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