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Vol. 2, Issue 3, Part E (2016)

SGSY (NRLM) & MGNREGA & its implementation of Margherita development block: A case study of Bargolai G.P

SGSY (NRLM) & MGNREGA & its implementation of Margherita development block: A case study of Bargolai G.P

Miss Lakhi Debnath and Dr. Sanjay Sen
Rural Development has emerged with a new force and is almost at the top of agenda in national policies of developing countries of the world. The term ‘rural’ means an area which is characterized by non-urban style of life, occupational structure, social organization and settlement pattern. Development is defined in terms of technological or industrial development. But development of rural people means raising the standard of their living. It is the development of rural areas through the extension of irrigation facilities, improvements in the techniques of cultivation, expansion of electricity, constructions of school buildings, provision of education facilities, health care and roads etc. It is a multi-dimensional concept and encompasses almost all the aspects of our rural life-including agriculture, health, education, community services and human resources in the rural area. It aims to enhance production by systematic utilization of all available resources with a view to engage rural people in services to improve their living conditions. Thus, rural development is a process to bring about desired positive changes in the socio-economic and cultural life of the rural society. It also involves the status of rural population on a sustainable basis through optimum utilization of local resources both natural and human. The MGNREGA has been the largest employment programme in human history and is unlike any other in its scale, architecture and thrust. Its bottom-up, people-centred, demand driven, self-selecting, right based design is new and unprecedented. MGNREGA enjoins the state to provide a guarantee of employment for 100 days every year to each rural household that demands work. It also demands that the people have to participate actively in the design and implementation of the programme. Initially the programme started in February 2006 in the 200 most backward districts of India. It was extended to an additional 130 districts in the first year of the Eleventh Plan in 2007-08 and the entire country in 2008-09. The study deals with the implementation of SGSY (NRLM) and MGNREGA in the selected villages covered by the study. This part is based on field study.
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International Journal of Applied Research
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Miss Lakhi Debnath, Dr. Sanjay Sen. SGSY (NRLM) & MGNREGA & its implementation of Margherita development block: A case study of Bargolai G.P. Int J Appl Res 2016;2(3):287-290.
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