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International Journal of Applied Research

Vol. 2, Issue 4, Part E (2016)

Diet, diabetes and Unani medicine: An evidence based approach

Dr. Mohd. Akram, Md. Anzar Alam and Khalid Eqbal
Diet is a substance, which after administration and Istihala (metabolism), becomes the part of the body or organ and provides Badl Ma Yatahallal (Replacement for wear and tear). It has been documented for over long years ago as being vital to the overall management of diseases. Today dietary advice for the persons with diabetes continues to play just as an imperative role as antioxidant, immunomodulator, hepatoprotective, nootropic activity and also for control and prevention of complications. The diet containing all the essential nutrients such as vitamin, protein, fat, carbohydrates and minerals in balanced proportion is known as balance diet which is beneficial to reduce the complication of Diabetes. Diabetes Mellitus may lead to many acute and chronic complications. Such type of chronic complications are mainly due to the result of longstanding damage to blood vessels. These complications are mainly classified as microvascular due to basement membrane thickening or macrovascular due to accelerated atherosclerosis. The major microvascular complications are diabetic retinopathy, diabetic neuropathy and diabetic nephropathy. The diabetic foot ulcer is due to the result of longstanding peripheral neuropathy, if untreated it may lead to the amputation. Good glycaemic control is challenging for the physicians and patients. Complications of diabetes are totally due to poor glycemic control. Unani Medicine is the thrust area for research to control or reduce the complications of diabetes. Various Unani drugs (mufrad and murakkab) exhibit anti-diabetic activity, nootropic activity, antioxidant activity and immunomodulator activity such as Post Kachnar, Darehald, Aqerqarha, Beesh, Azaraqui, Saadkofi, Balchhar, Tukhme Khurfa, Dammul Akhwain, Kabab Chini, Filfil Daraz, Darchini, Tukhm Methi, Gurmar Booti, or Asgand etc. and some compound drugs are Qurs Gulnar, Habbe Asab, Habbe Azaraqui, Safofe Ziabetus, Qurs Tabsheer, Qurs Ziabetus and Kushta Qalai etc. Aim of this review is to explore the benefits of diets and Unani drugs on the scientific parameters to reduce the burden of diabetes associated complications.
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Dr. Mohd. Akram, Md. Anzar Alam, Khalid Eqbal. Diet, diabetes and Unani medicine: An evidence based approach. Int J Appl Res 2016;2(4):337-339.
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